Saturday, 28 August 2010

as roma black suit jacket

cool as roma black jacket, great suit for romanisti in the whole the world!

fullprinted pacman hoodie
pacman are classic game that become legend, and this legend are sticked on cool fullprinted hoodie

deck flannel, collection from seba shoes

another great shoes from seba shoes, seba is the local brand from indonesia!

hammer clothing collection

nice women fashion hoodie collection from hammer clothing

diana rikasari is a viral fashion legend

diana rikasari is a great viral merketer and fashionit, look the picture of her!

batik fashion

batik is trully great art from java island indonesia, and when the culture meet the fashion, you will see the great stuff!

converse is the new fashion

jack purcell is another brand from converse just like chuck taylor, but the picture below will show you the what the real fashion is.

what da ya think?

fashion and stuff blog

this blog will present you a cool stuff and great fashion in very simple way, but it still under construction, just wait and see